Common strategies for avoiding personal injury include selecting an appropriate walking/climbing gait, crossing the road at opportune times, and selecting an appropriate following distance. Unexpected or hard to perceive hazards can turn otherwise “harmless” obstacles into potentially fatal incidents.

Personal injury lawsuit must therefore be assessed in terms of expectation, visibility, signage, and physical or cognitive limits. The study of human factors encompasses these areas.

Our Personal Injury lawsuit Team combines expertise in relevant codes and standards with Biomedical Engineering and human factors to determine the relevance of potential hazards to an incident. Simply identifying the presence of a hazard at an accident site does not imply relevance to the injury.

A premises liability personal injury lawsuit might include slip and falls, building defects, failure to supply adequate security, etc. The amount at stake in a personal injury lawsuit depends in part upon the extent and nature of the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. However, many people do not realize the full value of the claims they are entitled to make under personal injury law, so consulting an attorney is wise.